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Our Employees

We are a global team of diverse and talented people—from creative design to engineering and software development to manufacturing to marketing and finance—making contributions that extend far beyond our job titles and often bringing our life’s passion to our work. Get to know us and hear how we’re discovering more out of our careers with General Motors.

V 1605428313843 Our Emp Keysha


Assistant Program Engineering Manager

I spend my day talking about new projects that our customers need assistance with. I have a different project or activity to focus on every 30 minutes or so. The constant change and quick pace keeps me excited about the…

V 1605428312078 Our Emp Jacklyn



What does my day look like? As a buyer, you get to interact with a lot of different people throughout the day. It’s pretty exciting. My day includes emails/phone calls; conversing with my supply base; collaborating with GM engineering on sourcing and…

V 1605428312455 Our Emp Torri


Corporate Giving

What’s the best part about life at GM? It’s hard to pick one thing, but I would say GM’s involvement in the community. It starts from the top. Our senior leaders strongly support community service and encourage us to spend time helping improve our…

V 1605428312892 Our Emp Nico


Finance Manager

What’s the best part about life at GM? The people and the support. Our leaders are super accessible. (I had a one hour 1-on-1 with CFO Chuck Stevens in my very first year!) What’s been my most exciting project to date?

V 1605428313313 Our Emp Mckenzie


HR Business Partner - GPS

What’s the best part about life at GM? The best part about life at GM is the culture. The culture is unlike any other company I have experienced. The culture feels catered to what every employee wants it to be. For me, it is relaxing yet still has…

V 1605428314289 Our Emp Aaron


Compartment Manufacturing Engineer-Powertrain

What’s the best part about life at GM? The people. Working with a diverse and eclectic array of people makes the work we do at GM the best in the industry. You have a diversification of thought, expertise and problem solving that culminates in a…

V 1605428314705 Our Emp Lauren


HVAC Readiness Engineer HMI

What’s the most unexpected skill I’ve gained at General Motors? The ability to ask questions. GM has created an environment where the use of “why” is strongly encouraged. What opportunities at General Motors have boosted my career growth?

V 1605428315053 Our Emp Stephen


Accessories QRD Lead

What does your day look like? I work in Quality and Compliance, so I deal with things that the customers actually experience. After checking emails, I handle any quality issues that arise, setting up part returns and collaborating with the supplier…

V 1605428315402 Alejandro


Director, Treasury Operations

What’s the best part about life at GM? Working with great people and be given the opportunity to work on exciting assignments What does my typical day look like? Look to address business challenges, while driving insights, making recommendations and…

V 1605428315785 Jenna


Paint Business Manager

What’s the best part about life at GM? I enjoy being in a plant setting and working with the product. It is exciting to see the new options and product changes come through the shop. I always enjoy seeing our trucks on the road and knowing which ones…

V 1605428316070 Andy


Vehicle Chief Engineer

What’s the best part about life at GM? Working on technology that makes a meaningful impact on our customers. The biggest opportunity I have had for both career and personal growth has come from interfacing with executive leadership at GM. When…

V 1605428316535 Mandi


Chief Engineer, Autonomous Vehicles

What’s the best part about life at GM? I would typically say the vast opportunities to contribute and grow within the company but right now, it’s the commitment to our vision of zero crashes, zero congestion, and zero emissions. I’ve never been so…