Whether you have taken time away from your career to build a family, try a different career path or pursue a passion project, we are interested in understanding your talents and supporting your exploration of re-entering the workforce. That's why we developed the Take 2 program, which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in a role and our company, hitting the ground running as you begin to re-establish your career path. 

Take 2 is intended for experienced professionals who took an employment break of two or more years in their field and are looking to re-launch their careers. Participants in our paid 12-week re-entry internship, often called returnship, cohorts can take advantage of comprehensive training, technical and professional development opportunities, company-wide networking and personalized mentoring/coaching. 

Take 2 will prepare you for a full-time career in critical roles at GM while helping to polish your skills, acquire new ones and restore the confidence you need to launch a new phase in your professional journey.

Please check back in Spring of 2021 for details regarding the next Take 2 program and application window.


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“I needed to engineer something other than my household and family members. I found the GM careers site had many opportunities that matched my previous experience”

- Ramona, Design Release Engineer-Airbags