With the invention of OnStar, we charged to the forefront of vehicle connectivity, providing unprecedented support directly to our customers. And now, by integrating the latest advancements in wireless connectivity, infotainment and telematics, we’re leading the way toward the autonomous smart car of the future. We’re pioneering research in technologies, such as mission-critical business systems, mobility, real-time computing, supercomputing, telematics and vehicle engineering.


Watch to learn how GCCX IT is paving the way for tomorrow’s connected car, from vehicle communication services to autonomous driving technology.

Our Global Connected Customer Experience & OnStar group is the powerhouse behind the innovations that are redefining the industry. With Maven, our car-sharing initiative in alliance with Lyft, we’re providing customers urban mobility solutions on-demand in major cities nationwide. And we’re discovering exciting ways to increase connectivity for a more personalized, seamless driving experience. Join a team of forward-thinkers creating applications that offer expanded customization options, increased fuel efficiency and decreased maintenance costs in careers including:

  • App Developer
  • Business Performance Leader
  • Connected Customer Specialist
  • System Operations Analyst (On-Board/Off-Board)
  • Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Vehicle Data Services Engineer