Our team develops and executes strategies to help keep our workforce operating at its highest capacity—such as facilitating organizational change, managing multiple projects and directing GM Learning courses to cultivate our employees. By forming partnerships and improving relationships, we’re stretching the boundaries of our global influence and providing leadership that keeps business on a clear path to greater success.

Matt, Global Program Manager

Our team strives for ways to better engage our customers, build relationships and tell the stories from across the entire organization that reflect our industry leadership. It’s how we keep a finger on the market pulse and gain insights that help our products and services deliver beyond expectations. Explore a role in Communications, including:

  • Women’s & Military Diversity Communications Manager
  • Assembly Plant Communications Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Technology Business Analyst

Rebecca, Infotainment Product Owner, develops software for Smart Grid that better integrates people's lives with their vehicles.

We respond to the needs of the organization, considering business objectives and external impacts to determine how best to deliver on corporate strategy. We apply our expertise to propel General Motors into groundbreaking areas by assessing new opportunities, supporting decision-making processes and providing thought leadership to our partners company-wide. Our focus is on flawless execution in areas from new business development and market entry to joint ventures and partner management. Help to steadily strengthen and expand our business in the following key areas:

  • Product Licensing
  • New Business Development
  • Alliance Management
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Regional Strategies / Initiatives

Alisyn, Head of Innovation Pipeline

Our dynamic team joins advanced technologies, such as Mobility, Telematics, Supercomputing and Vehicle Engineering with elegant designs to deliver industry-defining vehicles. From concept to production, we infuse bold creativity with rigorous design builds and tests while always aiming for a higher quality standard.


Challenge the boundaries of creative design with careers, including:

  • Creative Clay & Digital Sculptors
  • Creative Innovative Interior/Exterior Designers
  • Color & Trim Designers
  • Design Operations/Fabrication Operations
  • Design Quality & Program Management
Video Transcript

Creative Design: Buick Avista

We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction throughout the ownership experience. We offer first-class support to improve customer retention. We work hard to ensure aftermarket, manufacturing and retail components are available when needed for vehicle servicing. Our team takes every opportunity to go above and beyond to wow our customers and gain their lifelong loyalty. Help us generate unforgettable experiences in the following areas:

  • Aftersales Engineering
  • Global Enterprise Solutions
  • Lean Warehousing Operations
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service Operations
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

Tracy, Design System Engineer

For us, the future is now, and we’re developing game-changing technologies and solidifying critical partnerships to create self-driving cars that will forever shift the landscape of mobility. Autonomous driving offers enormous benefits to our customers, from greater convenience and personalization to safety improvements and sustainability. As we focus on innovative design, safety features, responsive performance and efficiency, we’re gaining the advantage in autonomous vehicle development. Key focus areas include:

  • High definition road/environment mapping and database management
  • Advanced environment sensing technology and perception processing
  • High performance/low energy computing architecture and hardware
  • Vehicle motion controls and actuators (e.g. steering, brakes, shifting, propulsion)
  • Passenger/rider experience design and development

Mandi, Chief Engineer of GM's Third-Generation Autonomous Test Vehicle.

Safety and reliability. Performance and efficiency. For the dedicated experts behind our vehicle development systems and processes, these are the guiding principles that fuel innovation. We’re on a continual journey to develop cost-effective, flexible methods of production that result in vehicles that provide our customers an unparalleled road experience.

Video Transcript

GMs Commitment to STEM

Global Finance is essential to achieving our company vision for a new automotive landscape. Working together, our teams refine the overall information management, forecasting, strategic decision-making and operations that improve and expand our business effectiveness worldwide. A strong financial foundation enables us to maneuver in ways that maximize profitability, minimize risk and pave the way toward greater innovation.

Shaun, Finance Manager - Global Purchasing & Supply Chain

Streamlining processes allows for greater collaboration and innovation throughout our organization. Our team aims to deliver back-office services that reduce complexity and cost, resulting in more efficient, high quality services for our customers. Apply your problem-solving skills, creativity and determination to improve company-wide operations in the following areas:

  • Program Management Office
  • Finance
  • People Services
  • Real Estate
  • Facilities/Asset Services
  • Indirect Purchasing

Diana, Vice President of Global Business Services

With the invention of OnStar, we charged to the forefront of vehicle connectivity, providing unprecedented support directly to our customers. And now, by integrating the latest advancements in wireless connectivity, infotainment and telematics, we’re leading the way toward the autonomous smart car of the future. We’re pioneering research in technologies, such as mission-critical business systems, mobility, real-time computing, supercomputing, telematics and vehicle engineering.

Our Global Connected Customer Experience & OnStar group is the powerhouse behind the innovations that are redefining the industry. With Maven, our car-sharing initiative in alliance with Lyft, we’re providing customers urban mobility solutions on-demand in major cities nationwide. And we’re discovering exciting ways to increase connectivity for a more personalized, seamless driving experience. Join a team of forward-thinkers creating applications that offer expanded customization options, increased fuel efficiency and decreased maintenance costs in careers including:

  • App Developer
  • Business Performance Leader
  • Connected Customer Specialist
  • System Operations Analyst (On-Board/Off-Board)
  • Vehicle Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Vehicle Data Services Engineer

Our team plays a vital role in facilitating the delivery of high quality products and services to our customers. Through our expertise in Relationship Strategy, Advanced Quality Product Planning (AQPP) and Cost Saving Practices, we foster a global commercial network of cross-functional partners and suppliers, operating in over 100 countries, to optimize supply chain processes.

Chevrolet Corvette assembly at General Motors ini Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Our world-class production and skilled trades employees are setting a new standard for modern manufacturing in a stimulating, fast-paced environment. They combine commitment and teamwork to consistently deliver more to our customers. With training resources and advanced technologies at their fingertips, their hard work and precision are forging the future of automotive excellence.

Maurice Vauss inspects the fit and finish of each car on his line, making sure it meets and exceeds our rigorous quality standards.

Our team is focused on striving to make sure employees enjoy a work environment that meets their needs and maximizes their chance for success. We collaborate with team members on ways to help ensure the health & safety of each individual, and engage with union partners on issues and matters that impact the represented workforce.

Dave, Manager Innovation Exchange Solution

Our strength lies in the connections we establish and the relationships we build —with our first-class talent community and with our customers around the world. We’re engaging and empowering a dynamic, diverse workforce to forever shift the landscape of mobility. We’re passionate about expanding the abilities of all our employees and work tirelessly to tap further into their unique potential, supporting their growth with education and training and the goal of solving issues before they become problems. Help our global team thrive with careers including:

Dave, Sr.Manager, Global Talent Acquisition Strategy and Business Planning

  • Human Resources Supervisor
  • Consultant – Service Performance, Global People Services
  • Talent Management Program Specialist
  • Compensation Analyst – Program/Policy Development

Information Technology (IT) plays a central role at General Motors as we combine modern designs with powerful technology to usher in a new era of mobility. By utilizing supercomputing technology, advanced simulations and design tools, we’re creating vehicles that do more than drive—they enhance customers’ digital lives. Our integrated digital platforms provide customers unprecedented levels of connectivity and personalization. And it’s all with the aim to deliver a seamless experience for drivers globally.

Video Transcript

GM IT Recruiting

Alternative fuel systems. Advanced safety features. Improved performance. Elegant design. Our highly skilled team brings all these together and more through flexible, inventive processes focused on quality, resource efficiency and waste reduction. The result is a vast portfolio of exceptional products bringing customers brand new experiences and exciting interactions with their world. Challenging careers in Manufacturing include:

  • Lean Body Integration
  • Design Release
  • Performance
  • Engine Materials
Video Transcript

Manufacturing: Cadillac Manufacturing

Our team advocates on behalf of the company, building and strengthening relationships with legislators and organizations worldwide. Through positive partnerships, we work to define policies that collectively support our operations, customers and communities. At General Motors, we do more than create exceptional vehicles—we aim to promote values and ethical activities that improve the world around us.

Members of the Public Policy team participating in the GM Employee Resource Group (ERG) MidSummer Festival at the Warren Tech Center

Safety. Performance. Reliability. Every step of the way, we demand the best from ourselves and from our teammates. Utilizing advanced analytics, such as AVL-DRIVE™, we meticulously evaluate all components of our vehicles to maximize drive quality. For us, it’s all about giving customers the ultimate vehicle experience, with careers including:

  • Quality/Reliability Engineer
  • Customer Quality Engineer
  • Associate Process Engineer
  • Customer Experience Business Analyst

Mit, Fuel System Validation Engineer

Since day one, we’ve been challenging what a car could be. “What’s next?” is our constant beacon for innovation in safety, sustainability, alternative fuel systems, autonomous technology and V2V communication. We stay on the pulse of the ever-changing marketplace to anticipate the needs of the future and demand more from ourselves and from our vehicles to create an unprecedented mobility experience for our customers. Dynamic careers that are shifting the industry paradigm include:

  • Senior Project Engineer – Test Systems Development
  • Senior Researcher – Diagnosis and Prognosis
  • Researcher – Transmission Systems
  • Senior Applied Operations Research Analyst
  • Lean Body Integration Engineer/Material Industrial Engineer
  • Vehicle Cybersecurity Analyst
Video Transcript

GM V2V Pilot Program

General Motors is making strides toward an exciting new mobility era, and we’re spreading the word to all our customers worldwide. As we continue to fortify our existing territory and venture into new areas, we strive to expand our reach and gain more customers. By leveraging the latest technologies, uncovering new avenues of Sales & Marketing engagement, and infusing the GM spirit at every point of contact, we promote the achievement of our sales and retention targets.

Infotainment system of the 2017 chevy Suburban Premier edition

Identifying non-traditional approaches is key in realizing the GM vision for a new mobility era. Our strategy integrates the latest technologies transforming the industry, including advanced propulsion systems, autonomous driving and car-sharing services. Market research and analytics help us steer our brands and shape our global portfolios to best capitalize on existing and emerging markets. Challenge your creative and critical thinking skills to influence our future vehicle portfolios around the world in areas including:

Alisha, Global Marketing Analyst

  • Consumer Insights
  • Global Market Research
  • Global Portfolio Planning
  • Global Technology Planning
  • Long-Term Forecasting
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Regional Product Planning
  • Market Analytics
  • Global Propulsion Systems Planning
  • Innovation/Strategy
  • Global Planning & Program Management

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