"At GM, we aspire to be the most inclusive company in the world. And our hope is that every company will do the same. And while there may not be a precise roadmap for how that will happen, that is no excuse not to try. Inclusion will be a north star for us. And every day, we will take steps in service of our aspiration." Mary Barra, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 

video transcript Our focus continues to be on fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique differences in each of us

Inclusion in action

Fighting for Justice - General Motors has always strived for inclusion both in how we support our employees and how we operate globally with customers. In June 2020, we took this mission even further when Chairperson and CEO, Mary Barra took a stand to condemn intolerance and fight injustice. This included the establishment of the GM Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB) and donating $10M to support organizations which promote inclusion and racial justice. Read more about these actions here.

While we are proud that our recent endeavors have earned us recognition, our focus continues to be on fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique differences in each of us and allows each employee the opportunity to use their voice and impact the course of our global innovation. Learn more about how we are the most inclusive company in the world here

"Intolerance, discrimination, inequality, racism and injustice have no home here. And we want to do our part to make sure it has no home in our society or community either.”Gerald Johnson, GM Executive President of Global Manufacturing

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups are essential for nurturing a culture of inclusion, providing employees support and a forum in which to express concerns and share experiences. Each group works to attract new talent to our company, and offers employees opportunities to support General Motors’ diversity initiatives within the community.

African Ancestry Network Group

Focuses on attracting, developing and retaining employees of African ancestry, while engaging the communities where we live and work.


                       GM Able

Drives a culture of inclusion to better serve customers, employees and community through innovation, talent enrichment, awareness and outreach for people with disabilities and their allies. 


        GM Asian Connections

Provides opportunities to create a sense of community and belonging among Asian employees by attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent and giving back to the community in which we live and work in. 


           European Connections

The European professional network works to foster a safer, more efficient workforce. This group strives to be an innovative, knowledgable source for cutting edge products and services. 



Focuses on connecting, engaging and developing new employees, creating lifelong GM ambassadors. JumpStart provides opportunities for networking, professional development, leadership exposure and community service. 


  Middle East North Africa  Group

With roots and interests in the rich cultures of the Middle East and North Africa, MENA creates global partnerships between GM and MENA communities. 


             GM Latino Network

This group strives to make GM the business familia of choice for Latinos. With a mission to serve GM and the Latino community, the Latino Network attracts, engages and develops Latino employees.


Native American Cultural Network

Seeks to educate, inform and create a greater awareness among our employees, customers and the public about Native American Indian culture, beliefs and values. NACN is committed to expanding Native American youth interest in STEM through the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). 


                  GM PLUS

Is the group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) employees and their allies, with a vision that all GM employees feel safe, respected, valued and supported in their workplace. 


               GM Veterans

Creates positive, lasting relations with veteran communities, union partners and organizations, while striving to make GM a workplace of choice by recruiting talented military veterans and empowering and engaging current veteran and military employees. 


                  GM Women

Provides women with professional development, creates leadership opportunities and impacts how GM connects with female consumers.