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Breaking Barriers: How GM’s Fertility Benefit Supported Amanda’s Path to Parenthood

Amanda Timms Family

From day one, we’re looking out for our employees’ well-being—at work and at home—so they can realize their full potential. Our award-winning Total Rewards include support for our employees’ physical, emotional, and financial wellness. We recently sat down with Launch and Availability Manager, Amanda Timms, to hear the inspiring story of how she took advantage of our Family Forming benefit through Carrot to realize her dream of motherhood.


1. How did you take advantage of GM’s Family Forming benefit through Carrot?

I had decided after my last relationship ended in 2020 (right before Covid started), that I wasn't waiting for the right time or guy to start trying to have a baby or I'd miss my opportunity. I decided to be a single mom by choice. I'd been trying for a year and a half before GM's Family-Forming benefit came about, and GM's Health Care Program does not cover fertility treatment. So, this benefit allowed me to continue the process at GM's expense. I was at the frozen embryo transfer point and it worked! My son Keller is 18 months old and still the best decision I've ever made. 🥰


2. How did this benefit assist your family life?

This new GM benefit allowed me to continue the process of trying to have a child, and I am extremely grateful. Having a baby was the one thing I wanted in life, and I set out to make it happen. 



3. What’s your favorite part about working for GM?

My favorite part of working at GM is having the ability to work on our beautiful vehicles and working with the people here.


4. What does a typical day look like for a Launch and Availability Manager in Customer Care and Aftersales?

A typical day in Customer Care and Aftermarket is reviewing program readiness on upcoming launches, reviewing customer vehicle backorders and working with my team to get parts contracted to service them.


5. Who inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I wanted to be able to support myself and to help others.


6. What’s your secret talent no one knows about?

This is a hard one. I'd say if someone is looking to find an item with the best sale, free shipping, and a cash rebate, I’m your girl!


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