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A Bright Spot in Childcare Planning 

GM employee with their family.

In 2021, Kiersten Sweet, GM’s CX research analyst, experienced two great life changes. She became a mother – welcoming her daughter, Raya, into the world – and was given an offer to officially join the GM team after being a contractor for many years. 

Taking precautions during the pandemic, Sweet decided the best childcare decision she could make for her family was to hire an in-home nanny when she returned to work. 

“The plan was to have a nanny but they’re currently hard to find, even though I started my search well before Raya was born,” said Sweet. “I was getting concerned, but during GM’s orientation, I heard about how General Motors can connect me with nannying agencies for temporary care while I continued my search for a permanent nanny.” 

GM Provides Reliable Back-Up Childcare

Most parents have experienced emergency childcare needs – whether a nanny is difficult to book, a sitter cancels, school closes for the day or an elderly relative has an emergency. Having a reliable back-up plan can help reduce any added stress brought on by disruptions at home. That’s why GM sponsors Bright Horizons as a benefit to U.S. employees. 

GM subsidizes Bright Horizons Back-Up Care™ services. All GM employees can access up to 20 days of back-up care services annually with a small copay. Benefits include: 

  • Help reserving childcare at a nearby center or camp
  • Help reserving a professional caregiver in your home 

“I felt a little anxious about this benefit, but I became really comfortable knowing that I can set my preferences on the nanny search and all of the caregivers are fully vetted,” Sweet said. “The few nannies we’ve been matched with have proven to be crème-de-la-crème in their field, and I wouldn’t have been able to afford them on my own. What an amazing benefit. I started telling all of my colleagues about it.” 

Bright Horizons is more than just childcare 

GM offers Bright Horizons Special Needs™ online platform and webinar series offer education, support and advocacy for your child from birth through young adulthood. 

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