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Faces of the Future: Creating Customer Experiences Through Engineering, Art, and Culture

Malek Sahran

Inspired by GM’s EV transformation and his desire to create a better experience for EV owners, Malek Sarhan made the transition from vehicle aerodynamic development to the world of EV charging. As a design release engineer, Malek infuses his passion for problem solving into his work on the next generation of home chargers. His goal? Enable charging solutions that not only work for the customer, but also have a visual appeal. 

And his customer centric mindset doesn’t stop there. Outside of work, Malek designs functional home décor pieces with a nod to his Middle Eastern heritage. Much like his work at GM, Malek’s personal brand, Qayloola, provides him the opportunity to create customer-focused products. Whether a personalized sign, a lamp, wall art or more, Malek’s wood creations are practical, yet beautiful. 

Malek joins this edition of Faces of the Future to give a behind-the-scenes look at his work in design and engineering, his passion for customer centricity and community service, and how both his work and hobby allow him to lean into his Middle Eastern culture and be unapologetically himself. 

Faces of the Future highlights the careers and passions of employees who have boldly transformed their mindset and infused their personal purpose into their work to help GM accelerate towards a future of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.


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