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GM Employee Spotlight - Chilos


What is the best part about working at GM?

The best part about GM life I would say is the people. I am able to interact with people from different parts of life everyday and come together in order to reach a common goal. Building a vehicle for the customer is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I take a lot of pride when I see one of our vehicles driving down the road.

What does my typical day look like?

A typical day for myself is very busy. I start off with manpower ensuring that team members are in the correct location. I am responsible for 50 different team members in my area so I must ensure they are serviced. I ensure team members are paid correctly daily. Review all scrap tags and review any scrap that needs to be written. I review all level 5 boards as well as my level 4 board. Attend daily TIP and quality meetings with staff. Review any open countermeasure with the team. Ensure any safety issues are taking care of or escalated as needed. Review any and all emails for the day and respond accordingly. Assist my team in anyway possible. Work with the union officials to resolve any issues. We have a busy schedule but it makes for a fast day as there is always something to be accomplished.

What’s been my most exciting project to date?

The most exciting project to date is getting an opportunity to launch the new T1 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra. It is an exciting time here at Fort Wayne Assembly with the new trucks. Being able to be hands on and ensure a flawless launch is something that I coach and teach my team and also take tremendous pride.

What’s the most unexpected skill I’ve gained at General Motors?

The most unexpected skill I have gained here at General Motors is the knowledge to work with robots. I never would have thought I would have had an opportunity to work with robots. Starting my career in the body shop and learning the process, I am able to diagnose a potential issue with a robot and root cause the problem in order to get it fixed.

What opportunities at General Motors have boosted my career growth?

I have had a few different opportunities that have helped my career here at General Motors. I started my career in the body shop and I now work in the trim shop. Moving to another area has allowed me to see another aspect of the business and continued to grow my knowledge. Also, having the opportunity to meet and present in front of top GM officials such as Gerald Johnson and Alicia Boler Davis has also strengthened my desire to keep wanting to grow with the company.

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