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GM Employee Spotlight - Jenna


What’s the best part about life at GM?

I enjoy being in a plant setting and working with the product. It is exciting to see the new options and product changes come through the shop. I always enjoy seeing our trucks on the road and knowing which ones came from our facility.

What’s been my most exciting project to date?

Moving over to the New Paint Shop. It was a great experience to move over to our brand new facility for Paint and learn about the new processes. It was exciting as each shift moved over to the new shop and being a part of the launch during the transition. Our facility continues to change and improve to build the best possible product.

What’s the most unexpected skill I’ve gained at General Motors?

Working on the Fanuc robots in sealer. I never expected myself to have the opportunity to work on the automation equipment until I moved to the process group in paint and was able to work with the skilled trades and the sealer techs on the equipment. I also had the opportunity to attend training classes at Fanuc on our equipment.

What opportunities at General Motors have boosted my career growth?

Being able to work in different departments and seeing other sides to the business. I have had the privilege to work in quality engineering and the paint department including group leader, process engineer and business manager. Seeing multiple sides to the business has helped me have a better understanding of the areas and working well with others.

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