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GM Employee Spotlight - Mandi


What’s the best part about life at GM?

I would typically say the vast opportunities to contribute and grow within the company but right now, it’s the commitment to our vision of zero crashes, zero congestion, and zero emissions. I’ve never been so excited and passionate about GM’s missions but can really get behind this one and am thrilled to be a part of the transformation.

What’s been my most exciting project to date?

Definitely the project that I’m working on now which is safely deploying self-driving vehicles at scale. This role is very dynamic and our team is accomplishing incredible things. We’re truly transforming the industry and it’s exciting to be in the driver’s seat of such a crucial project to our company.

What opportunities at General Motors have boosted my career growth?

The mentorship opportunities. I’ve been fortunate to have had mentors at various stages of my career that have really helped me navigate the workplace. I’m also appreciative of GM’s flexibility and commitment to continuous improvement. I’ve been able to get my Masters in Engineering while working full time, in addition to participating in a 6-week dealership assignment and multiple training programs.

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