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GM Employee Spotlight - McKenzie


What’s the best part about life at GM?

The best part about life at GM is the culture. The culture is unlike any other company I have experienced. The culture feels catered to what every employee wants it to be. For me, it is relaxing yet still has that competitive edge that drives me to be the best I possibly can be each day.

What opportunities at General Motors have boosted my career growth?

I had the opportunity to take advantage of many different training opportunities when I was an intern that prepared me to shift into a full-time role. It was beneficial to be able to complete trainings during my internship instead of when I transitioned into a new role. One training I completed included having crucial conversations with employees to how to create the best interview experience for a candidate. I believe these opportunities ensure that I continue to propel my career forward.

What’s been my most exciting project to date?

Most exciting project to date was creating, designing and building both a SharePoint site as well as an internal website within GM. I am passionate about continuous learning and this taught me new ways to stay interconnected within our own company.

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