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I Didn’t Have To Choose

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‘Work Appropriately’ meant I could support my husband’s career without compromising mine ... 

“I got the job! We’re moving!” Hearing those words from a spouse can evoke many emotions: excitement, pride, a sense of adventure and nerves. When Sonali Mathur, Global Director of Performance Driven Marketing Data, Privacy, and Operations, heard this from her husband, she was relieved because she knew even with the move, she could still keep the job she loves thanks to GM’s new Work Appropriately philosophy. 

“My husband had been looking for a new job opportunity for a while,” she said. “When GM announced Work Appropriately and my team was supportive, he was able to expand his search beyond the metro Detroit area.” 

The flexibility of Mathur’s job helped pave the way for her husband to land his dream job across the country. Mathur is grateful she could support him while also prioritizing her own career. She is also leading by example for her daughter, who has an interest in pursuing a career in STEM. 

About 68 percent of women say their preferred post-pandemic workplace would be remote, according to a study by FlexJobs, a jobs platform. Mathur said another benefit of remote work is that it has allowed her to spend more time with her family. 

“I live by the concept of ‘work-life harmony,’” she explained. By removing her commute to work, she’s regained about two hours in her day, which helps her contribute more to work and to her family. 

GM is among the 70 percent of companies that believe remote work will allow them to increase diversity in their hiring. Moreover, remote work can expand opportunities for existing employees—particularly mothers. 

GM’s data analytics team, whose work is computer- and software-based and can be done from home, recently embraced recruiting, and hiring nationally, unlocking a national talent pool and increasing their application growth more than two-fold. The team had applications from 42 states, with a critical number coming from Texas, California, and Georgia. With a national approach, the team is able to recruit diverse talent from specific regions and fields. 

 While there is not a one-size fits all approach for everyone regarding Work Appropriately, this change in culture is undeniably opening the doors for more individual and collective opportunities. 


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