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Faces of the Future: The Musical Mind Behind the Voice of EVs

Jay Kapadia

Almost three years ago, we announced plans to transform our business and focus on clean technology in pursuit of an all-electric future. While our vehicles continue to change and technology transitions, the driving force behind our innovative practices remains the same: our people. Our talented, purpose-driven employees continue to be our greatest strength – taking on new challenges with a pioneering and adaptive spirit. 

In this series, Faces of the Future, we will highlight the careers and passions of employees who have boldly transformed their mindset and infused their personal purpose into their work to help GM accelerate towards a future of zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.  


Meet the Engineer Who Helps Bring Vehicle Voices to Life 

Jay Kapadia, GM’s creative sound director, is one employee who combines his personal passions and technical training to reimagine the sounds of our all-electric future. Kapadia, who joined GM in 2017 as a lead sound design engineer, brings a background in classical music and passion for sound healing into each vehicle as he identifies its unique sonic identity.  

For Kapadia, GM’s transition to electric vehicles, has been a unique challenge – the opportunity to influence what the voice of EVs will sound like, while crafting an exceptional experience for future-EV owners by balancing creative sounds with functional tones and alerts. 

Check out the video above to learn more about what drives Kapadia’s creativity both in and out of the studio. 



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