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Our Journeys Aren’t Always Easy, or the Same

Our Journeys Aren't The Same

Meet Bay City Group Leader Ciare Primus and Learn More about Her Inspiring Journey at GM ...

Earlier this year, Ciare Primus started her role as a group leader at our Bay City manufacturing facility after one year of temporary work at the same facility. Born and raised in Michigan, Ciare comes from a long line of automotive workers, none more inspiring to her than her own father.

“My dad worked for GM for over 40 years,” explained Ciare. “He worked for various plants throughout Michigan and did it with absolute grace and respect. He taught me that no matter what, you work hard.”

In addition to her unwavering positivity and grit, Ciare also brings several years of managerial, people and customer service experience to our team, all skills that have helped her succeed and continue to learn in her current group leader position.

Ciare has also been dedicated to raising her family, despite facing extreme difficulties throughout life, including the loss of her own son in 2006.

“I’ve been through a lot, but I’ve never let it change who I was,” said Ciare. “I choose to smile every day no matter what is going on, it brings happiness to other people and that’s what matters most.”

Although Ciare does not currently have a college degree, she is able to thrive in her role because of her experience and GM’s relaxed degree requirements. Ashley Winnett, Executive Director, HR Manufacturing, agrees relaxing the degree requirement and having the proper credentialing in place for the group leader role has been a game-changer in many of our manufacturing facilities.

“Ciare’s humility and willingness to help and support her team enables us to perform at a very high level,” said John Lancaster, Bay City Plant Director. “These gifts come from her life experiences and positive attitude, not necessarily from going to college. Now that GM has relaxed this requirement; we get to reap the benefit.”

While earning a college degree was not initially part of Ciare’s career path, she is currently pursuing a degree in business management at Delta College with support from our Salaried Tuition Assistance Program.

According to Ciare, no journey is ever easy, but even if you take five steps back, the important part is taking at least one step forward. That step forward into her new role at GM is one she hopes will inspire her own children and grandchildren the way her dad inspired her.

“I want people to know they can achieve their goals too,” said Ciare. “We all come from different paths in life, and when we are willing to help one another out, anything is possible.”

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