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Recruitment Scam Alerts

We understand there have been instances of individuals posing as recruiting agents or employees of General Motors offering fake job opportunities to job seekers. As a part of this fraudulent recruitment process, these individuals may ask for sensitive personal and/or financial information. This could include asking candidates to pay a fee or that will be reimbursed by the company later in the recruitment process OR may seek fees to assist with immigration processing. These individuals may also claim that the fees are to obtain an in-person interview or an employment/offer letter from General Motors.

These letters and other communications are a scam. GM does not collect and personal sensitive or financial information from candidates as a pre-employment requirement.

General Motors does not collect sensitive personal information or charge any fee before, during or after the recruitment process. General Motors does not charge fees for immigration processing, either directly or through a third party. Further, General Motors has not authorized any person or agent to require a payment of a fee, or to issue “employment/offer letters” or in-person interviews to candidates in exchange for a recruitment fee. Learn more about General Motors hiring process.