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Working at GM

Discover a career that moves, connects and inspires

Diverse group of employees walking through the office

Our vision is a world with
zero crashes
zero emissions and
zero congestion.

Big ambitions are our specialty, which is why we need the help of people like you. The bold. The innovative. The self-motivated and the collaborators. We’ve got a momentous journey ahead


How we behave

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Be Inclusive

We create moments every day that value backgrounds, opinions and ideas that may be different

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Think Customer

We consider the customers needs in everything we do

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Innovate Now

We see things not as they are but as they could be

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Look Ahead

We make decisions now with the long-term view in mind and we anticipate what lies ahead

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One Team

We collaborate cross-functionally to achieve enterprise-wide results

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Be Bold

We respectfully speak up, exchange feedback and boldly share ideas without fear

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It's On Me

We take accountability for safety and our own actions, behaviors and results

Gas gauge  increasing

Win with Integrity

We have a relentless desire to win and do it with integrity

Accelerating an all-electric future

Join our team

We're ambitious. We’re committed. And we bring life’s passion to work. Get in touch with us to learn more about beginning your career at GM.

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