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Experience Center Attendant - Zurich

  • Emplacement
    • Opfikon, Zurich
  • Horaire Full time
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About the position: Experience Center Journey Attendant

This position provides an exciting entry level customer facing opportunity to work in a exhilarating and engaging retail environment aimed to educate and support customers as they explore the sustainable mobility options available to them in a highly community focussed environment.  

The Experience Center Journey Attendant is responsible for running the back of house operations such as hospitality, facility management, courtesy and exposure vehicle management to ensure the customer experience in the Experience Center is exceptional. 

The Experience Center Journey Attendant will also work closely with the Experience Center Journey Guides as part of a larger team that is tasked with the various operational aspects of guiding customer and general public though the Experience Center as they explore GM’s products, services, brand and overall mobility offering.

The role provides an excellent starter opportunity for individuals that are looking to start their career in the quickly developing field of sustainable mobility. Allowing for a unique and highly dynamic local atmosphere at a community level while enjoying the full resources and backing of General Motors, including ongoing professional development support.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • The Experience Center Journey Attendant will be part of the team that applies a customer obsessed yet commercial mindset in ensuring that the facility and exposure vehicles are immaculate and guests are warmly welcomed and served their beverage and snack in the communal area of the experience center.
  • Experience Center Journey Attendant will be responsible for ensuring demonstrator vehicles are clean, charged and readily available and will manage customers walk-ins for warranty/service request in direct contact with GM’s aftersales team.
  • They will provide both behind the scenes and front of house support to the Experience Center Journey Guides to ensure the customer has an exquisite and seamless experience exploring GM’s sustainable mobility offering to convert them to leads and/or sales.
  • Experience Center Journey Attendant will feedback to the Experience Center Journey Leader on observed operational improvement within the Brand and mobility environment on a local level to further enhance the experience center.
  • As part of a customer focused and customer obsessed mindset Journey Attendants will foster and encourage member and community growth within the local community area of their store
  • Journey attendants will assist in specialised community event operations, community engagement events and mobility focused networking events

Additional Description


  • Previous experience working in luxury retail, hospitality, events operations or similar environment 
  • Strong passion for sustainable mobility
  • A passion for, and proven track record in, consistently delivering exceptional customer experience 
  • Flexible to work as required to meet the business needs
  • Results oriented - driving a high performing customer centric culture
  • Multilingual – English + local language(s) 


  • Previous experience of working with audio visual equipment, or
  • Previous experience of working with fleet management, or
  • Previous experience of working with mobility providers
  • Strong understanding of current and upcoming mobility opportunities and restrictions in country / area
  • Basic understanding of Audio Visual systems
  • Demonstrated desire for growth and development
  • Previous experience in event catering
  • Previous experience in fitness industry memberships