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Senior Software Engineer – High Voltage Battery State Estimation - SDV

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    • Milford, Michigan
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Hybrid: This position does not require an employee to be on-site full-time to perform most effectively. The employee’s role enables them to be onsite approximately 3 days per week

The Role:

Welcome to the new era of ELECTRIFICATION!  

Our vision is a world with ZERO Crashes, ZERO Emissions and ZERO Congestion.  We embrace the responsibility to lead the change that will make our world better, safer, and more equitable for all.  We are going to ELECTRIFY the WORLD with exciting new electric vehicles and much more!!

Do you have a passion for coding and take pride in the quality of the software you create?  Consider joining our GM family of Software Engineers in VMEC (Vehicle Mechatronic Embedded Controls).

The VMEC team is comprised of inclusive and diverse Agile teams, where everyone has a voice in the conversation.  Our Software Development process translates Customer requirements into designs, creates code, executes testing, and then integrates our solutions into reality.   Our team’s software is demonstrated in vehicles today like the recently launched Cadillac Lyriq, or the upcoming electric Chevy Silverado and many more.   You can collaborate with the team that has a direct impact on the dramatically growing electric vehicle portfolio and help bring our vision to production.

We are specifically hiring for the Software responsible for the High Voltage Battery State Estimation: This area implements the algorithms responsible for monitoring the battery state of health, such as battery pack capacity, battery limits, and battery pack state of charge based on cell chemistry.  The team also provides voltage, current and power limits for charging and driving, as well as performing active cell balancing of the battery pack for improved efficiency.  Additionally, this team works closely with R&D to help productionize future models and integrate them into production software and with calibration and testing teams to investigate and resolve issues. With new battery cell chemistries new challenges are presented to the Battery State Estimation space: This role will mainly work with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry-based battery cells.

Please review the Software Engineer role descriptions and required skillsets.  All skillsets are NOT required collectively.  Passion, ability to learn quickly, and interest in the products are important to us!

What You’ll do:

  • Produce or deliver high quality software for embedded controls systems in the electrification space, specifically for Battery State Estimation in High Voltage Battery packs.
  • Ensure compliance with safety requirements and with government regulations and GM-internal policies (e.g. MISRA guidelines).
  • Design, development and implementation of Physics and Controls requirements to continuously improve software for mechatronic controls and diagnostics strategies as well as controller communication.
  • Test & demonstrate software functionality & readiness.
  • Supply hardware agnostic solutions across all GM owned software.
  • Document requirements for design solutions and link them to test cases that can demonstrate software functionality.
  • Utilize automated test tools in build environments, test benches, and vehicles to verify functionality of the feature at the Controller, System and Vehicle level
  • Embrace BDD/TDD software development methodologies to ensure Software Built In Quality, promoting early bug detection, and facilitating collaboration between developers, testers, and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Familiarize and work efficiently with Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles, leveraging them to create optimized and modular software solutions.
  • Utilize CI/CD pipelines for efficient development, testing, and deployment of software solutions, with a solid understanding of DevOps principles.
  • Perform other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the duties in this job classification.
  • Provide leadership to Agile Scrum team members to deliver software solutions.
  • Lead, coordinate and collaborate w/ departments outside your organization such as Systems & Safety, Validation, Electrical Architecture, Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), Calibration and Vehicle Performance.
  • Provide a voice in software planning events, share ideas & learnings, and help teach/train others.

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Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)

  • BS in Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Computer or BS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with proven technical and professional skills in job-related area – embedded controls software for High Voltage Battery Systems
  • Proficient in C, C++ programming
  • Experience with JIRA and Scaled Agile Framework
  • Outstanding levels of interpersonal and relationship management skills to effectively collaborate with varying levels of the organization as required
  • Emerging partnership and teamwork skills and ability to learn from and share knowledge with co-workers in a fast-paced environment
  • High level of integrity, ability to deal with ambiguity, take initiative/self-directed
  • Consistent demonstration of innovative thinking that is customer-centric

What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Skills)

  • MS in Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer or Computer Science
  • Expert in C, C++, Matlab Simulink, Auto Code Generation, Python scripting,
  • Experience with ETAS INCA and MDA and other software tools for either the development or testing of software
  • SAFe certification
  • Experience with bootloader, embedded operating systems, controller communication or diagnostics, and complex device drivers
  • Working experience in AUTOSAR methodology and with Software Defined Vehicle architecture
  • Familiar with MISRA guidelines
  • Knowledge and experience with CAN, LIN, ARXML, or Ethernet communications protocol
  • Proficient with software architectures