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Staff Software Engineer - Cloud- SDV

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  • 일정 Full time
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Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) group that supports the definition, design, and development of continuously improving mobility services. SDV is new vehicle intelligence platform that will underpin all our future innovations across a wide range of technological advancements, including the expanded automated driving. This means that you can potentially put a fingerprint on the vehicles that drive down the road! This space is ripe with technical leadership opportunities for sophisticated technology development, as well as the ability to provide mentorship for new employees. You can flex your teamwork muscles as you will be tasked with working with several other areas of engineering, IT, and the business.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ability to understand sophisticated problems in the data, natural language and contextual spaces from proof-of-concept through the product

  • Software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis software review, identification of code metrics, system risk analysis, software reliability analysis, object-oriented analysis and design

  • Developing and implementing cloud-based applications and solutions using Azure services.

  • Designing and architecting cloud infrastructure for scalability, reliability, and security.

  • Development of applications in Java/J2EE/Spring boot/Azure /Cassandra/Kafka.

  • Writing reusable, testable, and efficient code

  • Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications

  • Design and test skills for scalable code deployment

  • Implementation of security and data protection

  • Establish a course of action take every measure ensuring systems are balanced and the environments are stable for smooth functioning of the development programs

  • Drive for code asset management and reusable design frameworks

  • Conduct research on new products and drive implementation to benefit/optimize overall software development

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Required Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or applicable technical field of study

  • 9 years of experience with demonstrated technical and professional skills in Java, Azure or related software design, development, and testing .

  • Writing code and scripts to automate deployment, monitoring, and management of Azure resources.

  • Hands-on experience of Azure PAAS components preferred - Azure Kubenetes Services, App Service, Azure Functions, Event Grid, Azure Pipelines ,Azure IoT Hub and DPS

  • Deep understanding of various Azure services such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Event Grid.

  • Deep understanding of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

  • Proficiency in Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights, and other monitoring tools for identifying and resolving performance issues and ensuring optimal application performance.

  • Understanding Azure security features, identity and access management (IAM)

  • Knowledge of Azure Virtual Networks, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, and other networking concepts is for designing and implementing scalable and highly available applications.

  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and provide technical expertise.

  • Expertise in CI/CD pipe line and knowledge in docker / kubernetes

Salary range:   $116,000-$285,000
Remote OR Hybrid: This role is based remotely but if you live within a 50-mile radius of [Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Warren, Pontiac, or Milford], you are expected to report to that location three times a week.

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