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Staff Hardware Engineer - Technical Specialist - FCM/FPM/ACP2/PSAT

  • 위치
    • Warren, Michigan
  • 일정 Full time
  • 게시됨


Work Arrangement:

Hybrid: This role is categorized as hybrid. This means the successful candidate is expected to report to Warren, MI three times per week, at minimum.

The Role:

In the Staff Hardware Engineer - Technical Specialist - FCM/FPM/ACP2/PSAT position you will be responsible for leading product development and integration activities. Responsibilities will include: Utilize engineering tools and processes to successfully develop components and systems for vehicle and propulsion programs. Effectively achieve program landmarks by thorough and rigorous program management. Coach and lead suppliers to timely execution of program work you're doing with excellence. Highly technical engineer with either depth of knowledge in a specific field and/or vast knowledge in several technical fields.

What you'll do:

  • Be a recognized technical leader and resource
  • Provide experienced consultation in one or more areas for the design, development, and implementation of technical products and systems
  • Recommend alterations and improvements to improve the quality of products and/or procedures
  • Responsible for all internal activities and product development
  • Demonstrates expertise in the field's concepts, practices, and procedures
  • Relies on extensive experience and discernment to plan and accomplish goals
  • Performs multiple tasks
  • Showcases a wide range of creativity and latitude
  • Complex assignments require originality, creativity, and a wider application of principles, theories, and concepts
  • Interacts with senior internal and external personnel
  • Addresses the broadest and most complex problems of multiple disciplines within the business unit or division
  • Contributes to strategy and policy development and/or develops guidelines and implementation procedures for new strategies and policies

[Additional Description]

Management of corporate BOM rows for Front Camera/Perception Modules and ACP2 controller units within the Active Safety domain. This would include responsibilities for specifying and balancing requirements, definition, execution and evaluation of designs, analysis, development, testing and control of major engineering projects where a substantial amount of creativity and initiative are involved as well as a high level of independent judgment. Exercises technical direction over other engineers or engineering support personnel and may have work direction responsibilities over a group with specific engineering objectives. Broad scope of responsibilities includes components, systems and architectures. Capable of managing very broad or numerous projects with high degree of difficulty. Exercises independent judgment, with minimal input from supervisor.

Develop winning robust BOM Strategies:

  • Get BOM Strategies approved
  • Know current applications and understands technical limitations and gaps to improve products for future sourcing events.
  • Deliver BOM which meets Imperatives (Cost, Mass, Investment, Quality)
  • Develop Sourcing Strategies
  • Support Supplier Development and Qualification
  • Conduct True Cost, Technology, and Performance Benchmarking
  • Maintain Global requirements (CTS Templates, etc)
  • Create and Maintain Best Practices and Inherent Criteria
  • Maintain and refresh BOM strategies, rollout plans, variant strategies, and component roadmaps in line with the strategic intent/critical priorities of the BOM and Innovation Leaders as well as other feature and component roadmaps within the Active Safety domain.

Oversee Solutions & Escalate Issues:

  • Chair Active Safety Component Workgroups for FCM/FPM/ACP2/PSAT
  • Provide Architects and Program DREs and REs with “Best Fit” BOM Strategies, subsystems, components which encourage reuse
  • Provide DRE with Best Fit Specifications, Best Practices, Inherent Criteria, Typical Sections, etc.
  • Approve BOM Picks and assure math data availability
  • Provide Imperative information (cost, math, quality, etc.)
  • Responsible for Requirements Peer Review.
  • Approve all other Peer Reviews and capture issues (e.g. integration)
  • Approve Program SORs and Sourcing Decisions
  • Responsible for eSOR and sourcing process
  • Responsible for obtaining supplier resident approval from all regional executation EGMs.
  • Directs Math Owner to write EWO when carryover component
  • Engineering Lead for all sourcing (eSORs , EWO, SSP, Target, etc)
  • Support Build issue resolution
  • EWO approval (as required)
  • Support PRTS Issue Resolution
  • Support Launch Issue Resolution

Continuous Improvement

  • Support DRE and RE with Assembly Plant and field issue resolution
  • Incorporate Lessons Learned from DRE/RE into Strategies, Best Practices, Specifications, etc.
  • Support Cost Reduction activities

Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)

  • 10+ years of experience in ADAS related or relevant controllers

  • Experience with Front Camera Perception modules or Active Safety Compute modules

  • 5 years minimum experience in compute design 

  • Exhibiting leadership behaviors by being approachable, maintaining composure, managing conflict, listening, team building, etc. 
  • High level of oral and written communication skills 
  • High level of interpersonal skills to work independently and effectively with others 
  • Understanding of engineering theory and principles of compute systems 
  • Deep understanding of the integration of such components/system into the vehicle 
  • High level of analytical ability where problems are unusual and difficult that may require systems-based approach for resolution 
  • Knowledge of computer software as it pertains to engineering preferred 

A company vehicle will be provided for this role with successful completion of a Motor Vehicle Report review.

This job may be eligible for relocation benefits.

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