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Senior Manager Digital Product Strategy & Digital Business Solution, The Durant Guild

  • 위치
    • Shanghai, Shanghai
  • 일정 Full time
  • 게시됨


Work Arrangement

This role is categorized as on-site. This means the successful candidate is expected to report to HQ building in Shanghai, China five times per week.

The Role -

The primary purpose of the Senior Manager Digital Product Strategy & Digital Business Solution, The Durant Guild is to design the GMPI digital solution strategy for customers, determine which product, services, and experiences must be delivered to GMPI’s target customer in order to achieve success, and work with GMPI business, Intelligence Connected Vehicle and technical teams on the short term, middle term and long term digital product and digital business solution direction, strategic features design, immersive digital experience design and implementation strategy of the chosen plan.

The role is responsible for defining and supporting the building of desirable, feasible, viable, and sustainable digital products strategy and digital business solution that meet the customer needs over the Product-Market lifecycle. He/She will lead own team and collaborate with a wide range of people to identify and define customer needs, understand the solution context, and develop the roadmap.

KPIs for this position can include business, interaction, perception, outcome, and operational metrics such as user registration rate, net promotor score, customer satisfaction, customer effort score, feature engagement rates, purchase and retention rates, and quality metrics (e.g. downtime, load times).

What You’ll Do -

  • Deeply understand China and APAC market digital product and digital business solution trends along with the Durant Guild target customers development trends. Design and define business cases that support go/no-go decision for middle and long term wise.
  • Work with broader business teams to collect and modify all needs which align with overall digital strategy, and work with technical architect and product managers to decide digital product and digital business solution strategy, positioning, and technical direction.
  • Develop and maintain a product vision and 12-month roadmap
  • Owns 18–24-month Product Area software feature roadmap to achieve OKRs; Adjusts Product Area OKRs & roadmap based on external factors (e.g., channels, platforms, customer feedback)
  • Collaborates on the exit criteria for an Epic to be ready for Implementation in the Portfolio Kanban
  • Tracking features in the Program Kanban; Work with Solution Architect and LoB Head of Product to develop the Product Area Objectives and Key
  • Aggregate all input and insights relating to the assigned channels and serve as the voice of the brand/business, customer, and competitor to all internal and/or external stakeholders
  • Establish productive relationships with global business functions and be involved in relationship building and cultivation with internal and 3rd party service providers
  • Design integration strategy and interaction with other online platforms, including other social platforms, e-commerce platform, etc. and work with technical teams and other relevant teams for implementation and improvement
  • Ensure smooth seamless customer experience in the product from other channels including WeChat ecosystem, Tiktok ecosystem. digital e-commerce platform, etc.
  • Manage legal and regulatory compliance (partner with GM Legal & Privacy)
  • Effectively communicate strategy concepts and solutions to leadership to gain buy-in
  • Leverages market research & continuous exploration to continually understand customer & market needs (working with the CX team; Includes competitive benchmarking)
  • Work with relevant teams on entire design and construction on UI/UE/CX to achieve world class digital experience
  • Assemble and consolidate a winning team to help deliver on your goals and objectives

[Additional Description]

Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications) ​​  

  • CET 6 or above English capability, TOEFL or IELTS would be preferred
  • Degree holder or equivalent, majoring in Strategy/Management/Digital Communication or relevant field
  • Knowledge of automotive customer facing channels and customer experience trends
  • Knowledge of DTC customer management focusing on online channels
  • Knowledge of digital product lifecycle management
  • 10+ years of experience in digital product management, experience owning mobile APP, WeChat MiniProgram, Tiktok, and other major customer facing channels in China Market and APAC market.
  • Experience leading teams
  • Experience of agile software development process
  • Familiarity with alternative business models and ability to apply to a range of opportunities

What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Qualifications)  

  • Excellent strategic agility – ability to recognize & capitalize on opportunities, identify and avoid threats, and pivot when needed
  • Excellent communication skills in both English and Chinese
  • Strong collaboration, influencing, and negotiation skills
  • Customer focus
  • Relationship skills to create a network of contacts internally and externally
  • Good analytical skills

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