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GM Global OnStar IT 시스템 운영 및 데이터 분석가 (Connected Car Operations and Data Analyst)

  • 위치
    • Incheon, Incheon
  • 일정 Full time
  • 게시됨


Onsite - Position does not require an employee to be on-site full-time but the general expectation is that the employee be onsite an average of three (3) days each week

The Role

This position is responsible for defining On-Board / Off-Board & Core Services Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Once the KPI’s are defined this candidate will work with product owner, architects, and developers to design and implement performance metrics at the journey level, interaction level, and transaction level to provide the necessary visibility into the activation performances. The SME’s will use the metrics to detect low performance, and then work with skilled teams to root cause and identify solutions to improve performance, both immediate incident response & recovery, and long-term product/system design enhancements.

This role is highly technical and requires deep understanding of modern system/application interaction and identifying data elements within the systems that can be used to support KPI calibration, with major focus on the Vehicle Communication back-office applications. The person in this role will work cross-functionally and globally to collaborate with Regional carrier partners, Business, IT development and operations, engineering, and quality teams, to ensure the flawless launch of connected vehicles programs.  The selected candidate will also work with product owners (our customers) and customer experience organizations to define, track and measure our services so that we can best support and improve our connected vehicle customer experiences.

Connected Operations is comprised of skilled team members that are focused on delivering the best customer experience and seeking cost effective ways of delivery. Our team members possess multiple disciplines from project management, engineering, analytical, information systems, database, and wireless network.

This role will report to the Connected Operations Manager, GM OnStar.

What You’ll Do -

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fully understand, document and support OnStar Digital activation, Mobile app integration and associated back end interactions including Electric vehicle remote settings.
  • Fully understand in-vehicle head unit app interactions with the back-office and other systems.
  • Perform data analysis by building database queries, creating data structures, and design and automate processes using Oracle and UNIX
  • Develop performance metrics/reports/monitors to establish necessary visibility into the enrolment and IHU apps performances (i.e. success rate) and issues
  • Analyse performance metrics/reports/monitors to identify any performance issues/risks
  • Investigate identified issues to determine root causes and come up with solutions (fixes/alternative workflows) to address the performance issues
  • Plan for the issue resolution activities and coordinate/lead execution of the plan with other stakeholders
  • Provide regular status update on current performance and performance enhancement activities
  • Update related process flows, performance metrics/reports/monitors and other documents to reflect the changes and communicate them with all impacted stakeholders
  • Identify necessary process improvement ideas by working with other business stakeholders
  • Participate/Lead design/process related technical discussions with development teams and/or other stakeholders
  • Create change requirements by describing high level business objectives, business benefits and functional requirements
  • Work with IT counterparts to develop Narratives in an appropriate level of detail
  • Participate in iterative co-validation sessions with IT counter parts (mostly developers and testers) as an SME to ensure that requirements have been correctly implemented
  • Perform Wireless vendor wholesale invoice analysis and reconciliation, support budget forecast and financial reviews
  • Handle escalated tickets and issues from customers 
  • Position requires operational support per on-call schedule

[Additional Description]

Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)​​  

·         Minimum 4 years’ experience in a lead technical operation IT role

·         Experience in process definition (requirement), validation or operation of service delivery processes

·         Demonstrated ability to build strong cross organization relationships to facilitate cooperation and coordination

·         Experience working with technical teams during time sensitive/issue resolution incident management

·         Strong demonstrable experience and understanding of application architecture and design principles related to system integration of client components, web services, and databases

·         Strong demonstrable experience and understanding in using and interacting with relational database structures (Oracle database)

·         Strong demonstrable experience and understanding of SQL and SQL development

·         Technical background or Level 2/3 support in problem solving to identify, prioritise and communicate complicated technical issues

·         Exposure to Power BI, Cognos, Tableau, Crystal Report or other reporting system

·         UNIX/ORACLE/ETL development skills to build end to end process/systems automation and integration (batch load, cron etc.)

·         Industry experience in working on Big Data Platforms and Tools such as Azure Data bricks and Apache Hive, Scoop, Hue etc. would be an added advantage

·         Knowledgeable and comfortable with new technologies and business models

·         High level of analytical ability where problems are complex and difficult

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skill in English and Regional Language.

What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Qualifications)​  

•Automotive industry experience

•Adaptability to a dynamic business environment/market

•Ability to work globally, independently, and self-directed

•Ability to learn and contribute with the global teams and supplier partners with a positive attitude

•Direct experience at OnStar in one or more of the following areas:

  • Requirements definition
  • Issue resolution
  • Product validation
  • Process definition
  • Service delivery
  • Prior experience with vehicle infotainment, telematics, or navigation systems
  • Working experience with web services (XML, WSDL, SOAP, JSON) and transactional monitoring


•   접수마감: 2024년  6월  21일 (금) 자정까지
•   접수방법: GM Career Site  온라인 지원 및 접수  (영문  이력서 및 자기소개서 첨부 ) 
    -우편, E-mail 및 방문접수는 받지 않으니 유의하시기 바랍니다.
•  전형절차: [지원서 접수] → [서류심사] → [Phone Screen]→[Coding Test & Video Assessment] → [면접] → [신체검사] → [최종합격]
•   지원서 제출이 완료되면 입력하신 개인메일로 채용절차 진행을 위해 개인정보 동의서가 발송되오니, 개인정보 동의서까지 제출이 완료 된 이후 정상적으로 채용절차가 진행됩니다. (You will receive the PI agreement after application submission. Your documents will be reviewed only when the PI agreement is submitted)
•  지원서 제출 후 첨부 파일 추가 및 수정하기 위해  "지원서 철회"를 하실 경우 같은 포지션 재지원이 불가하오니, 채용매니저에 메일로 변경/추가 사항 전달 해 주시기 바랍니다. 
•   취업보호 대상자는 관련 법에 의거하여 우대합니다.
•   기재하신 지원사항 및 자격사항이 사실과 다를 경우 합격이 취소될 수 있습니다.
•   기타 궁금한 korea.recruit@gm.com 로 문의해주시기 바랍니다.

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