Our culture can be summed up in four words: We are General Motors. "We are GM" is a unified movement throughout our company to be intentional with how we live and work. It reminds us that how we think and behave every day creates a moment, and each moment has a direct impact on our business, co-workers, families and our customers. Learn more about our culture and our behaviors below. 

How We Behave


Be Inclusive

We create moments every day that value backgrounds, opinions and ideas that may be different. 


Think Customer

We consider the customers' needs in everything we do. 


Innovate Now

We see things not as the are but as they could be.


Look Ahead

We make decisions now with the long-term view in mind and we anticipate what lies ahead. 


One Team

We collaborate cross-functionally to achieve enterprise-wide results.


Be Bold

We respectfully speak up, exchange feedback and boldly share ideas without fear. 


It's On Me

We take accountability for safety and our own actions, behaviors and results.


Win with Integrity

We have a relentless desire to win and do it with integrity. 

"I'm at GM because of its vision for an all-electric future. Everyone is passionate and driving toward a single goal - improving batteries for our customers. It's a one-team culture where we look at what's been done, ask ourselves how we can improve, how we can incorporate new learnings and technologies and work together to design new solutions."

"It is rare when employees can see eye-to-eye with a CEO's vision at a company of our size - especially when that vision can drastically change people's lives. I feel empowered to think creatively, be innovative and solve problems that impact our customers. Everyone here has a voice and a seat at the table."

"EVs pull people together around the world. A world with zero emissions is something I think everyone can get behind. When thinking about our vision for a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion, it really energizes me because I know I'm working toward a vision that is truly resonating with a lot of people here at GM, in the industry, and around the globe." 

slide 2 of 3 Committed to clean energy One hundred percent of GM’s DTE-supplied facilities in Southeast Michigan are expected to be powered by wind or solar energy by 2023.   Learn more >