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Production & Skilled Trades
​​​​​​General Motors employs both full-time and part-time employees.

Full-Time Temporary: Full-time temporary employees typically work more than 40 hours per week and may be required to work on weekends.
Part-Time Temporary: Part-time temporary employees typically work to accommodate absences on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. Working Sundays and holidays are sometimes required. These positions may require employees to work any shift, and in some instances, overtime may be required.

Production – Warehouse Opportunities

The automotive industry is quickly evolving, and General Motors is at the forefront of that change, leveraging our creativity to define the new era of mobility. Experience a global automotive company using key principles of lean manufacturing and a chance to network and build relationships.
Our plants hire employees in a variety of employment categories. You will be assigned to a specific position based on GM's hiring needs. The pay rate for the different types of positions is as follows: ​ 

  • General Motors, LLC Production starting pay: $16.67/hour
  • General Motors, LLC Warehouse starting pay: $16.67/hour
  • GM Subsystems, LLC Production starting pay: $14.00/hour or $15.00/hour, depending on location 

Skilled Trades Journeyperson Opportunities

General Motors hires the best of the best in our skilled trades positions. We offer the top pay and benefits that are available nationally to our valued skilled workforce. As a result, we have a highly selective hiring process. General Motors hires a large variety of skilled workers focused in manufacturing, but also including pre-production and design.

Interview Preparation

Industrial Electricians Maintenance electricians are responsible for layout, installation, repair and preventative maintenance of complicated electrical equipment and circuits, troubleshooting and technical expertise on control systems.
Mechanics Mechanical journeypersons typically include trades like millwright, pipefitter, toolmaker, and machine repair. Our Mechanical Journeyperson is responsible for maintaining production and quality by ensuring operation of industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.​​​​​​​
Die Makers Die makers fabricate, repair, remodel, and maintain all types of metal cutting dies.
Engineering Trades Engineering trades are involved in every aspect of pre-production vehicles from mock up to assembly. Positions include model maker (metal, wood, and clay), experimental automotive paint, and automotive mechanic (engine assembly/teardown, builds, validation, scale reproductions, subassemblies).