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Analytics and Intelligence Lead

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    • Shanghai, Shanghai
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- You will collaborate with business, IT, and analytics community to capture, prioritize and document data analytic requirements and drive measurable results.

- You'll recommend types of reporting analytics and procedures to apply to meet stated business objectives.

- Deliver training and mentorship to business partners focused on data analysis methodology reporting and tools.

- Prepare documentation and analytical reports that effectively summarize results, assumptions, and conclusions

- 8+ years of experience in various BI disciplines and leadership

- You have a deep understanding of varied data warehouse concepts/methodologies to implement business intelligence solutions.

- At least 6 years experience writing efficient Structured Query Language (SQL) using various SQL-development software packages including Teradata and Oracle PL/SQL. Ability to use custom SQL for complex data pulls.

- You are an authority with Microsoft Excel and various BI and analytical tools such as SAP, Cognos, Tableau, etc.

- Professional certifications (e.g., Microsoft Certified Business Intelligence, Data analytics tools certifications).

Additional Description

The Analytics and Intelligence Lead will be leading and managing the Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Satisfaction Management and Data Eng & Analytics teams.

Market Intelligence

The market intelligence team is responsible for understanding market dynamics and characteristics of brand’s target customers to help the execution of customer-centric strategies. They do research on “external” factors like competitors, customers and so on. The team is tasked to collect relevant info/data and develop insights to support business decision and operation of internal teams


•Conduct in-depth market research (e.g., competitors, customers, etc.) on the industry to provide internal teams with holistic understanding of the market
•Advise on overall strategy with information/data/insights obtained through research
•Generate insights on key topics to help provide clarity on critical issues
•Confirm and monitor key target customer groups and lifestyle segments based on business strategy and brand strategy
•Analyze customer’s need/motive/behavior pattern along the customer journey and identify critical success factors
•Update internal teams with latest market dynamics and customer characteristics
•Present key findings in regular review meetings


•Conduct research on topics requested by other GMPI teams

Customer Intelligence

The customer intelligence team is responsible for analyzing behavior of the brand’s current customers and developing insights extracted from GMPI database. The team is the key point of contact to provide GMPI with the necessary information and understanding current GMPI retail business.


•Define analysis framework, key metrics, data format to study customers’ behavior
•Analyze internal & external data/info to pinpoint possible pain points and roadblocks in existing practices
•Collaborate with other internal teams to identify potential unmet customer needs and improvement areas
•Help advise and develop customized sales/service strategy toward various customer groups
•Present key findings in regular review meetings to help understand business operations and support improvements


•Conduct research on topics requested by other GMPI teams

Satisfaction Management

The satisfaction management team is responsible for providing feedback from interactions across the customer journey. It is responsible for designing the GMPI customer satisfaction strategy and methodology as well as to analysis to understand customers’ experience and support possible improvements


•Develop overall satisfaction management strategy and principle
•Adopt and modify global methodology to best fit local needs and environment
•Establish a customers satisfaction model/framework from cultural, cognitive, habitual, psychological, and other perspectives
•Design a comprehensive and holistic satisfaction management approach (including survey formats, timing, tools etc.,) that provides accurate results without intrusion to customers
•Collect customers’ opinion and conduct analysis to understand satisfaction level
•Pin-point potential improvement areas and support relevant business teams to develop initiatives to boost customer experience


•Guide and oversee external partners of various projects and ensure key objective is met within given time frame and resources

Data Eng & Analytics

The data engineering & analytics team is responsible for defining the overall landscape of GMPI data engineering & analytics needs and coordinating with DBTT team for GMPI data base development and operation. They support the needs of basic data-related tool development (e.g., Power BI/Excel dashboard, etc.) for internal business metrics.


•Develop corporate data strategy, data lifecycle, and specific policy in accordance with business needs, data characteristics, legal requirements, and compliance objectives
•Design and define overall data flow, format, and interfaces with input from various teams
•Monitor data quality standards and continuously monitor any deviation; work with DBTT teams to improve data quality
•Oversees the operation along the entire data lifecycle from generation to disposal (as required)
•Work closely with internal teams to learn about their need for basic data-related tools (e.g., BI/Excel dashboards)
•Streamline GMPI teams’ data engineering/analytics requests, and set development schedule with consideration in terms of project priority, technical feasibility, complexity, resource usage, interdependency, etc.,


•Support ad-hoc data-related needs of individual projects