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Advanced Cell Engineer

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    • Warren, Michigan
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This position requires the Engineer to be onsite in Warren, Michigan three-to-five days per week.

The Role

General Motors is working to set up an entire Li Ion ecosystem to source materials and assemble defect-free Lithium-Ion cells designed for use in the automotive industry and green energy projects. We are looking for a hands-on experienced Chemists to join for cell  and component technical requirement development. The candidate will work and collaborate with other members in Advanced Cell Technology, Execution, R&D, Purchasing, Cell Prototyping and Commercialization. The candidate will focus on design optimization of  cells, cathodes, anodes, and electrolyte materials and components for performance, cost reduction, and scalability. The individual will plan and execute synthesis to cover the entire value stream from raw materials to finished product.  This work will utilize advanced analytical methods/tools in collaboration with manufacturing and computational chemistry experts to create innovative new product solutions. Major responsibilities include cell design concepts, design layout, formulation, and quality planning.  The candidate will also need to respond to technical questions and data requests from customer/ partner.

What You'll Do

  • Master strong theoretical and practical knowledge of cathode, anode, electrolyte, and separator materials, as well as how these components work together to make a high-performance cell.
  • Lead or conduct various characterizations on the raw materials and implement traditional or innovative material synthesis techniques.  Lead or conduct cell component verification and validation internally, with suppliers or third party.
  • Create, design and release cell component designs and design layouts.
  • Lead or carry out test to analyze properties of the cell components, draw conclusions and share reports to other members in the cross-functional group.
  • Be the in-house expert in maintaining a robust and inclusive safety environment in own area of responsibility.
  • Collaborate well with other team members in the cross-functional group, as well as with other teams in the company to work out solutions.
  • Proactively engage with advanced technology that may be applicable for next generation raw materials, component materials, active material synthesis, manufacturing and process.  Apply to own work and corporate strategies.  Recommend new cell designs and new market opportunities.
  • Interactively coordinate internal GM departments to meet project deliverables. This includes:
    • Lead internal reviews to ensure plans and progress are evident and visible.
    • Actively engage with departments’ leadership to identify issues/risks and solutions
    • Develop risk management plans and oversee their execution
    • Develop strategies for cost innovation; drive down cost at every opportunity
    • Ensure Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), Robust Design, Reliability and Optimization are foremost at each stage of the project
    • Escalate issues as appropriate
  • Work with System Engineering to monitor and enforce compliance with Cell Supplier/Technology Partners and internal requirements as required.
  • Support up-front Requirements capture by assisting with Voice-of-Customer and Market Changes which may alter project direction.  Leverage OnStar Telematics, Big Data, Field Outcomes, Performance Testing to drive appropriate feasibility assessments.  Know the details of GM and external research to drive learning or changes as required.  Participate in DFMEA, PFMEA, BOD, BOM, BOP, BOE development and discussions to feed forward all project learning. Embrace and leverage math-based tools, Finite Element, machine learning, numerical methods, statistics for design, project management, scheduling and cost driver sensitivity.

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Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)

  • Masters in Chemistry, Materials, Chemical, Electrochemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years of industry experience leading projects with external supplier/partners through complete product development cycles.  Demonstrated budgeting and on-time, accurate payments related to spending forecasts
  • Extensive experience with Li Ion raw materials chemistry and electrochemistry
  • Strong hands-on knowledge with electrolyte, cathode, anode and separator materials and processing for Lithium-Ion battery.  Demonstrated understanding and practice of solid electrolyte and/or Li Metal materials and cell design
  • Proficiency in chemical handling and safe lab practices, experience with industrial workplace hazards and corresponding programs is a plus
  • Familiar with various material characterization techniques, such as SEM, XRD, PSD, BET, TGA, etc. 
  • Demonstrated experience writing winning proposals, development agreements and executive summaries
  • Demonstrated experience writing Statements of Development Work (SODW) and Statement of Requirements (SOR)
  • Ability to work multi-task with cross-functional teams
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Qualifications)

  • PhD in Chemistry, Materials, Chemical, Electrochemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Familiar and/or practicing with computational chemistry and software such as COMSOL, BIOVIA Material Design Studio, Battery Design Studio, Python, MatLab, TeamCenter, NX, Model Center, etc.

Informações sobre diversidade

A General Motors está comprometida em ser um local de trabalho que não só é livre de discriminação ilegal, como estimula verdadeiramente a inclusão e integração. Acreditamos enfaticamente que a diversidade na força de trabalho cria um ambiente no qual nossos colaboradores podem crescer e desenvolver melhores produtos para nossos clientes. Incentivamos os candidatos interessados a analisar as principais responsabilidades e qualificações de cada função e a se candidatar a qualquer cargo que corresponda a suas habilidades e capacidades. Os candidatos no processo de recrutamento podem, quando aplicável, ser solicitados a concluir com sucesso uma ou mais avaliações relacionadas à função e/ou uma seleção pré-emprego antes de iniciar o emprego.  Para saber mais, acesse Como contratamos.

Declaração de Igualdade de Oportunidades de Emprego (EUA)

A General Motors tem orgulho de ser um empregador que oferece oportunidades iguais.  Todos os candidatos qualificados serão considerados para o emprego, independentemente de raça, cor, religião, sexo, orientação sexual, identidade de gênero, origem nacional, deficiência ou status como veterano protegido. 

Adaptações (EUA e Canadá)

A General Motors oferece oportunidades a todos os candidatos a emprego, incluindo pessoas com deficiências. Se você precisa de uma adaptação razoável para ajudá-lo na sua pesquisa de cargos ou solicitação de emprego, fale conosco pelo e-mail Careers.Accommodations@GM.com ou pelo telefone 800-865-7580. No seu e-mail, inclua uma descrição da adaptação específica que você está solicitando assim como o nome do cargo e o número de requisição do cargo ao qual está se candidatando.