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Materiality Designer

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    • Leamington Spa, Bedfordshire
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We are looking for someone to challenge the perception of the legacy brands of General Motors. You would do this by experimenting with the boundless potential of innovation within CMF, Sustainability and Strategic Brand Design.

This role is largely to envisage a new future by demonstrating a broad understanding of now. This would be achieved through the exploration of unconventional research methods, compelling design proposals and by supporting your exceptional work with thought provoking rationale.

You would be a highly creative designer who has a passion for identifying immerging trends and advances in colour and materiality. You will also possess an awareness of societal shifts in brand messaging and advances in sustainability. By demonstrating a fundamental interest and curiosity in the catalyst and origin of trends you can best predict where they will go next, as demonstrated in your portfolio.

You will have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant design discipline: from Textile Design, Automotive Design through to Industrial Design or other. You have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a CMF role, preferably within Automotive Advanced Design.

A self-starter, your sophisticated communication skills will enable you to effortlessly build relationships. You thrive in a team environment - At GM ADE we fully embrace new ways of working and encourage you to coordinate with multiple partners to achieve design goals, as well as contribute to our award-winning working culture.

What You’ll Do

  • Design and develop sustainable and responsible CMF processes and content.
  • Help ideate and deliver supporting work for project presentations in a variety of different formats in new and exciting ways.
  • Work collaboratively across studio disciplines to challenge industry conventions with internal and external partners and suppliers.
  • Use sound creative judgment to develop original, innovative and fresh 2D and 3D designs.
  • Revise, refine and track design proposal developments. Prepare documentation, presentations and prototypes to program timing and communicate with the wider team as required.
  • Pay particular attention to understanding brand and customer insights and align to these requirements.
  • Demonstrate an existing in-depth research practice that contextualizes brands beyond present vehicle trends, materials and existing technology.
  • Coordinates and participate in meetings as required.

Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the Automotive Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Architecture or Textiles.
  • Professional experience in design which could include internships.
  • Highly proficient 2D rendering capabilities with Photoshop, Illustrator or similar software.
  • Possess a sympathetic understanding of 3D design surface language and 3D Rendering capabilities such as VRED, Alias, Blender, Rhino, Grasshopper or similar rendering software.

What Will Give You A Competitive Edge (Preferred Qualifications)

  • Demonstrate out of box creative thinking, problem solving and sound design judgment.
  • Demonstrate trend, theme and product inspiration through a high level of presentation consideration and graphical layout.
  • Demonstrate a professional design process from research and inspiration to design thinking in relevance to project outcomes.
  • Demonstrate evidence of your design method and ideas reaching resolution by an example of their application and or execution.
  • Must demonstrate strong digital rendering skills and prototyping with Photoshop, Illustrator, VRED, blender etc.
  • Demonstrate sound understanding of 2D proposals to 3D concepts
  • Understand concepts of user experience design and how CMF design informs the user journey.


To be considered for this position, you will need to submit a portfolio in addition to your resume and profile. You may include a link to your online portfolio in your resume OR if your portfolio is not available online, please follow the instructions below to upload your portfolio as a separate attachment as you did with the resume.

  • Save your portfolio as a pdf document
  • Name your portfolio your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. Example: Candidate name is John Smith. Portfolio pdf file name is: Smith, John.pdf
  • Upload as an attachment - you may have to condense the file.
  • Education and Training

DISCLAIMER: The Works included in your Career Portfolio must not be subject to any non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreement. If the Works in your Career Portfolio are owned by your current or former employer, or by any other Third Party, there must be an express written consent from the Owner allowing the Works to be included in your Career Portfolio for sharing with General Motors (“GM”). By sharing your Career Portfolio, you grant to GM the right to quote, paraphrase, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use all or any portion of the Career Portfolio for purposes of making a hiring determination. By sharing your Career Portfolio, you also agree to release and discharge GM, and its licensees, successors, and assigns, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that you may have regarding any use of the Career Portfolio, including (but not limited to) any claims based on the right to privacy, the right to publicity, copyright, libel, defamation, or any other rights.

About GM

Our vision is a world with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion and we embrace the responsibility to lead the change that will make our world better, safer and more equitable for all.

Why Join Us

We aspire to be the most inclusive company in the world. We believe we all must make a choice every day – individually and collectively – to drive meaningful change through our words, our deeds and our culture. Our Work Appropriately philosophy supports our foundation of inclusion and provides employees the flexibility to work where they can have the greatest impact on achieving our goals, dependent on role needs. Every day, we want every employee, no matter their background, ethnicity, preferences, or location, to feel they belong to one General Motors team.

Diversity Information

General Motors is committed to being a workplace that is not only free of discrimination, but one that genuinely fosters inclusion and belonging. We strongly believe that workforce diversity creates an environment in which our employees can thrive and develop better products for our customers.   We understand and embrace the variety through which people gain experiences whether through professional, personal, educational, or volunteer opportunities.

We encourage interested candidates to review the key responsibilities and qualifications and apply for any positions that match your skills and capabilities.

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Informações sobre diversidade

A General Motors está comprometida em ser um local de trabalho que não só é livre de discriminação ilegal, como estimula verdadeiramente a inclusão e integração. Acreditamos enfaticamente que a diversidade na força de trabalho cria um ambiente no qual nossos colaboradores podem crescer e desenvolver melhores produtos para nossos clientes. Incentivamos os candidatos interessados a analisar as principais responsabilidades e qualificações de cada função e a se candidatar a qualquer cargo que corresponda a suas habilidades e capacidades. Os candidatos no processo de recrutamento podem, quando aplicável, ser solicitados a concluir com sucesso uma ou mais avaliações relacionadas à função e/ou uma seleção pré-emprego antes de iniciar o emprego.  Para saber mais, acesse Como contratamos.

Declaração de Igualdade de Oportunidades de Emprego (EUA)

A General Motors tem orgulho de ser um empregador que oferece oportunidades iguais.  Todos os candidatos qualificados serão considerados para o emprego, independentemente de raça, cor, religião, sexo, orientação sexual, identidade de gênero, origem nacional, deficiência ou status como veterano protegido. 

Adaptações (EUA e Canadá)

A General Motors oferece oportunidades a todos os candidatos a emprego, incluindo pessoas com deficiências. Se você precisa de uma adaptação razoável para ajudá-lo na sua pesquisa de cargos ou solicitação de emprego, fale conosco pelo e-mail Careers.Accommodations@GM.com ou pelo telefone 800-865-7580. No seu e-mail, inclua uma descrição da adaptação específica que você está solicitando assim como o nome do cargo e o número de requisição do cargo ao qual está se candidatando.