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Information technology jobs in Palo Alto

Find your technology career path in Palo Alto, California

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Reimagine Possibilities at BrightDrop

Bring your bold dreams to transform a brighter tomorrow at BrightDrop. You can inspire the futures of electrification, sustainability and safety as a technology team member. BrightDrop focuses as a technology start-up with the support of General Motors. 

Why Work with Us

Remote Employee

Work Appropriately

Our path to being the most inclusive company in the world begins with understanding, empowering leaders to have flexibility in how their employees accomplish their work is essential to our collective success.

Mentorship Growth

Mentorship and Training

With both formal and informal mentorship, continuous education support and professional development guidance, employees are encouraged to drive their personal growth and leverage resources to achieve their career aspirations.

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Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups are essential for nurturing a culture of inclusion, providing employees support and a forum in which to express concerns and share experiences.

We’re looking for pioneering technology innovators in Palo Alto. Are you in?

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Head of Talent, BrightDrop

  • JR-000091764
  • Palo Alto , California
  • Human Resources

BrightDrop - Mechanical Design Release Engineer (Mechanical Hardware Team)

  • JR-000076047
  • Palo Alto , California
  • Engineering

BrightDrop - Workplace Services Lead

  • JR-000090952
  • Palo Alto , California
  • Facilities & Real Estate

2023 Summer Intern - BrightDrop: Marketing

  • JR-000091174
  • Palo Alto plus 1 locations
  • Students & Recent Graduates

2023 Summer Intern - BrightDrop: Engineering

  • JR-000088829
  • Palo Alto , California
  • Students & Recent Graduates

BrightDrop - Manufacturing Engineer

  • JR-000087361
  • Palo Alto , California
  • Engineering
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BrightDrop in Palo Alto

The spirit of boldness, creativity and ambition lives and breathes in the city of Palo Alto– home to BrightDrop. As the global center of technology and innovation, Palo Alto inspires the spirit of people at BrightDrop through initiating change to make a difference both locally and globally. 

Palo Alto is part of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, where dynamic innovation and historic character meet to offer vibrant entertainment, multi-cutlural cuisine and stunning outdoor experiences. With a variety of things to do and see, Palo Alto and the surrounding area delivers unique experiences for all.


From day one, we’re looking out for your well-being—at work and at home—so you can focus on realizing your ambitions. Our benefits package includes:

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We’ve got you covered with comprehensive health plans that include a GM contribution to a triple tax-advantaged health savings account.

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We want you to plan for the future with eligibility to a 401(k) with both matching and retirement contributions by GM.

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We encourage you to take time off to recharge or for your wellbeing with paid vacation, holiday and maternity leave plans.

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Additional benefits

We provide access to other benefits to support you in your day-to-day life so you can focus on realizing your ambition.

I Love My Job: How My Company is Really Making a Difference

Sandy Fedor, director of product management and delivery at BrightDrop, shares her career experience and passion to find a job that enables her to make a difference in the world, making it a better place for her two children, while also bringing her ideas and expertise to the table.

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BrightDrop Accelerates EV Production

BrightDrop accelerates EV production with first 150 electric delivery vans integrated into FedEx fleet. BrightDrop Zevo 600 all-electric, zero-tailpipe emission vans were delivered to FedEx Express facilities throughout Southern California. This milestone marks one of the nation's largest deployments of commercial electric last-mile delivery vans to date. 

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MY22 EV600 Motion

Introducing a Smarter Way to Move Your Goods

BrightDrop® is a new business from General Motors that's reimagining commercial delivery and logistics for an all-electric future. 

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Ready to reshape the delivery ecosystem?

A brighter future awaits you as an IT professional in Palo Alto

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