Building an autonomous future

For us, the future is now – developing game-changing technologies and solidifying critical partnerships to produce self-driving cars that will forever shift the landscape of mobility. We are building a team of experts, focused on innovative design, safety features, responsive performance and efficiency that give us the advantage in autonomous vehicle development. Join our team, and your voice can help re-define transportation through autonomous capabilities.

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Collaboration that delivers innovation

At GM we believe in collaboration. Our cross-functional practices offer our employees the unique opportunity to learn, grow and evolve, as they work alongside talent from various other departments. And it’s this seamless teamwork that enables us to stay ahead of the curve.

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Balancing our global initiatives

We view sustainability as a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by taking into consideration environmental, social and economic opportunities. We align corporate policies and sustainability initiatives, and implement them at every level of the company.

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A culture of inclusion

We’re always working towards building and preserving a culture that includes everyone. We drive diversity for the benefit of our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and dealers. It has always been an integral part of our success, as the varying perspectives within the company reflect the preferences of our diverse customer base.

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Stay Connected

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Brands that move the world

Reaching across the world, GM is dedicated to delivering vehicles that work for the people driving them. Our teams produce cars and trucks in 35 countries, adding a truly global perspective on our designs. GM is proud to deliver:

Our research and development led to one of the most diverse portfolios of vehicles combined with the most powerful technology in the industry. From Flex-Fuel to OnStar, there’s nothing in the world like GM.