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Lean Materials Process SME- Global Tech Center

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    • Warren, Michigan
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This position is hybrid with the expectation to be in office 3 days a week.


The Role:
We are looking for incredible talent that will be responsible for planning, developing and executing Lean Materials Flow strategies to enable implementation of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).  This is a position under the Manufacturing Optimization Organization. This position is a unique opportunity to influence the way we as General Motors operate in our Assembly, GPS and Components plants, through Data Automation and Industrial Equipment Automation (Autonomous Tuggers and Forklifts). This team is responsible for implementations Globally which also will enable to work with different cultures in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. This individual will work with all levels of cross functional teams either in IT, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Engineering (ME) or with plant team members to support successful project execution and drive the best practices implementation. Work is of a difficult and involved nature, where a high level of independent judgment and discretion are exercised.

What You’ll Do (Responsibilities) :

  • Develop and apply Lean Material Strategies (LMS) such as Route Planning, Dock Strategies and Overall Material Flow analysis.
  • Create and implement new material handling process standards for unloading, coupled/decoupled material movement from dock to storage locations, dolly preparation, unboxing/segregation, floor and dynamic material storage in high bay racks, PPS Picking, EPS Replenishment, Empty dunnage return and trash removal, overflow and obsolescence management, exception processes like quality, new parts, repacking, etc. 
  • Create the foundation to support implementation of projects focused on Autonomous Materials Robot (AMR) working directly with suppliers whenever needed.
  • Able to quickly understand a Layout and propose ideas aiming best Material Flow and Storage strategies.
  • Have complete understanding of Bill of Processes (BOP) / Bill of Equipment (BOE).
  • Deep Industrial Engineering Analysis based on PFEP Data from MGO to make calculations and determine/optimize Area, Equipment and Manpower required for a project.
  • Industrial Engineering Analysis using WMS, EPS and PPS reports and raw data.
  • Review, analyze and build the current & future state for all types of material movements starting from offsite LOC until delivery to using location (ULOC).
  • Analyze existing operations and propose continuous improvements (CI), using tools like GMOS to identify cost reduction opportunities prior and post WMS Launch.
  • Coordinate and track through a Master Dot all project milestones & deliverables.
  • Manage Timing, Resources, Budget, Lessons Learned, Performance Scorecard, Meeting Minutes, One Pager project weekly report for every project that this individual will lead.
  • Be able to split an idea or plan in small pieces and create a Visio Flow to show all steps required to be completed by each stakeholder.
  • Prepare Business Case and Annualized Direct Business Benefit (ADBB) calculation for a new project submission and approval in partnership with the WMS Lead.
  • Establish Material Planning Metrics & Actual Benchmarking data extracted from WMS to use it to target continuous improvement and cost reduction.
  • Provide technical support and issue resolution assistance to the plant Material Team as SME.
  • Support WMS Lead by tracking and monitoring achievement of GM1724 Label Compliance (i.e. 2D Barcode data elements)
  • Integrate Lean Manufacturing and GM-Global Manufacturing System (GMS)
  • Monitor and enforce adherence to recommended safety procedures and ergonomic guidelines.
  • Extended onsite (plant floor) support during Inventory Conversion and WMS/AMR Go-Live Phases, not only for this individual’s own projects, but as necessary for the other team’s projects acting as One Team.

[Additional Description]

Your Skills & Abilities (Required Qualifications)

  • Being available to travel within US and International as required in each phase of the project.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical) or Supply Chain Management
  • In-depth Floor Operations Materials processes knowledge (Minimum 5 years of equivalent experience in Mfg. and Supply chain)
  • Strong data management, analysis, presentation, and problem solving skills where they are unusual and difficult.
  • Highly Proficient with MS-Office tools (Excel, Visio and Powerpoint).
  • Knowledge of work measurement/Work standards (GMOS), ergonomic principles, material optimization, and facility layout.
  • Basic manufacturing and assembly processes knowledge.
  • Working knowledge on GM systems MGO/EPS/PPS. Knowledge in WMS.

Renseignements sur la diversité

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Déclaration concernant l'égalité d'accès à l'emploi (É.-U.)

General Motors est fière d'être un employeur souscrivant au principe de l'égalité d'accès à l'emploi.  Tous les candidats qualifiés seront pris en compte, sans égard à la race, à la couleur, à la religion, au sexe, à l'orientation sexuelle, à l'identité de genre, à l'origine ethnique, aux situations de handicap ou au statut protégé d'ancien combattant. 

Aménagements (É.-U. et Canada)

General Motors offre des occasions à tous les chercheurs d'emploi, y compris les personnes handicapées. Si vous avez besoin d'un accommodement raisonnable pour vous aider dans votre recherche d'emploi ou la soumission de votre candidature, envoyez-nous un courriel à l'adresse Careers.Accommodations@GM.com ou appelez-nous au 800 865-7580. Veuillez inclure dans votre courriel une description spécifique du type d'accommodement demandé, ainsi que le titre d'emploi et le numéro de demande du poste auquel vous postulez.