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Digital Retail Manager

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    • Shanghai, Shanghai
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Roles & Responsibilities:

Annual Scope:

  • Develop in-depth understanding of GMPI business and its overall operations.
  • Tactical campaigns calendar planning and optimizations (both digital retail + in-store merchandise display+activities).
  • Annual KPIs setting and estimation.
  • Annual budget rolling forecast and accuracy.
  • Annual inventory rolling forecast and accuracy.
  • Annual operations efficiency optimizations planning.
  • Annual agency SoW and KPIs development.
  • Co-work with Merchandise Manager and Customer Satisfaction team on the annual operations requirements of Giveaway and Goodwill/Compensation scope.
  • Co-work with Partnership team to identify suitable partners or brands to kickoff collaboration discussions.
  • New channels/platforms planning, scouting innovative practices from retail industry as well as new digital channels or technology opportunities and constrains.
  • Lead market analytics to understand market trends identifying the next growth opportunities or to address business needs. Regular and ad-hoc market update or competition report required and on demand.
  • Pitch activations planning.
  • Digital Retail Team development planning (headcount planning).

Daily Operations Scope:

  • Monthly budget usage tracking and management.
  • Monthly payments and accruals tracking, reporting and process related works required.
  • DR activation campaigns development, implementation, tracking and monitoring.
  • Implementation and management of in-store merchandise display+activities.
  • Regular stock-taking based on Finance/Audit requirements.
  • Development and management of digital retail members.
  • Track, monitor and grow sales of all products and services (excluding new and re-sale vehicles) on DR platforms.
  • Daily operations running, management, optimization, monitoring and reporting.
  • Management of TP Operations Agency on operations executions.
  • Co-work with Merchandise Manager and Customer Satisfaction team on the operations works of Giveaway and Goodwill/Compensation scope.
  • Platform relations building for resources reservations (especially public domains).
  • Co-work with Partnership team on discussions and negotiations with suitable partners or brands to develop innovative and attractive products or campaigns.
  • Regular close communications and follow-ups with BI team on data tracking, analytics and dashboard/reporting generation.
  • Regular close communications and follow-ups with Digital Product and IT Development teams on detailed requirements map-out, testing (e.g. UAT, SIT, etc)
  • Developing of content, creatives for both promotions and POSM.
  • Ensure synergy and effective communications with cross teams (Marketing, GMPI and GM China).
  • Monthly recon with Finance and Tax teams.
  • New channels/platforms development.
  • Continual optimizing of development of required middleware and backend systems iterations.
  • SOP optimizations.
  • Develop new related SOPs whenever necessary.
  • Lead all related pitches, work on all required processes and develop all related documents (such as SoW, scoring grids, etc).
  • Digital Retail team headcount recruitment.
  • Digital Retail team trainings and skills upgrading.

[Additional Description]


  • Highly organized, detail oriented and focused on quality control and execution efficiency.
  • Ability to confidently champion innovative ideas and approaches.
  • Understanding of business process management, concepts and techniques, including process design and cost analysis.
  • Team player who can successfully collaborate cross-functionally to drive results.
  • Effectively work and manage agency partners and suppliers.
  • Strong customer centric thinking and proactiveness toward both external customers and internal clients.
  • Strong sense of urgency and ability to move projects forward at a quick pace.
  • Ability to make quick decisions with incomplete or ambiguous data. Able to make sound decisions based on a combination of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgement.
  • Highly effective presentation skills: one-to-one, small and large groups with peers and bosses, internal and external of the organization.
  • Ability to identify issues/opportunities and develop solutions and recommendations.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple assignments utilizing highly efficient time management.
  • Ability to break down barriers and quickly achieve high impact progress within a bureaucratic organization.
  • Ability to work well in a complex team environment and marshal resources (people, funding, material, support, etc) to get things done; uses resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Ability to work under pressure independently and be flexible in working hours.
  • Ability to travel.

Skills & Knowledge:

  • Strong critical thinking skills.
  • Strong meeting facilitator – inclusive.
  • Outstanding project management capability.
  • Good priority setting.
  • Good MS Office skills (especially but not limited to PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook).
  • Ability to write clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles; can get messages across that have the desired effect.
  • Able to work efficiently both solo as well as collaborative teamwork.
  • Good command of written English.
  • Good command of spoken English is a plus.


  • Positive, proactive, resilient, self-motivated, passionate, dare to try, out-of-box thinking, solutions finder, respectful and cheerful.


  • Must have minimal 4-5 years of strong digital retail, e-commerce ecosystem setup (zero to one) and operations management strategy and hands on experience in premium auto or premium brands or services (e,g, 5-star hotels/resorts or airlines, etc).
  • 2-3 years of international 4A Media or Digital agency experience is a plus.
  • Strategic-thinking and implementation experience in premium auto or premium brands or services is preferred.
  • Proven track record of delivering large-sale digital initiatives from conception through completion.
  • User-focused and result-driven. Proven analytical and quantitative skills with the ability to use data to drive prioritization and business cases.
  • Mastering of agile methodologies.
  • Ability to seamlessly work across functional and organizational boundaries with a reputation for influencing an earning trust across levelled and organizations (teams incl. Sales, Marketing, Brand, Customer Experience, Customer Engagement, IT/Operations, Purchase, Legal, Cyber Security, etc.).
  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication and presentation skills, including an ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams. Proficiency in multi-cultural environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Leadership/Team spirit/Collaborative mindset.
  • Proven ability to work with senior management.
  • Education:  BA above /Master

Renseignements sur la diversité

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Déclaration concernant l'égalité d'accès à l'emploi (É.-U.)

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Aménagements (É.-U. et Canada)

General Motors offre des occasions à tous les chercheurs d'emploi, y compris les personnes handicapées. Si vous avez besoin d'un accommodement raisonnable pour vous aider dans votre recherche d'emploi ou la soumission de votre candidature, envoyez-nous un courriel à l'adresse Careers.Accommodations@GM.com ou appelez-nous au 800 865-7580. Veuillez inclure dans votre courriel une description spécifique du type d'accommodement demandé, ainsi que le titre d'emploi et le numéro de demande du poste auquel vous postulez.