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Employee Stories

GM employee posing in front of their car

The Women Who Have, And Who Will, Shape Us

Women’s History Month begins... This month, and every month, we celebrate the contributions of women throughout history in our culture and society. At our company, we’re leading the way toward an all-electric future and we’re primed to lead not only…

GM employee with their daughter

It’s Not Just My Title, It’s My Purpose

How a passion for helping people shaped a career ... February 2022, Sheila Savageau received a package on her doorstep for the 2022 Helen Darling Award, one of the most prestigious awards in health care, recently awarded to our company and health…

GM employee with family at the beach

I Didn’t Have To Choose

‘Work Appropriately’ meant I could support my husband’s career without compromising mine ... “I got the job! We’re moving!” Hearing those words from a spouse can evoke many emotions: excitement, pride, a sense of adventure and nerves. When Sonali…